We brought an alternative perspective to the launch of a new type of footwear

Define an aesthetic for Sneakerboots. Winter footwear is rarely the most stylish or captivating product, more importantly addressing durability and resilience rather than aesthetics. Seeing this as an opportunity, Nike developed a range of trainers called Sneakerboots; born from classic Nike silhouettes but made durable and weather resistant without losing their style. To launch their new range of Sneakerboots, we were approached to create some online content to live on Nike’s online channels that would get people to think differently about winter footwear, and define a new aesthetic for Sneakerboots away from traditional winter-boot messaging. With this in mind, and knowing the target audience were 16-19 year olds, it was critical we made something visually arresting and unexpected to show how these products battle the cold, wet and dark.

Middle finger up to the elements. Our concept was ‘Stick the middle finger to the elements’, showing that just because the weather is tough, that shouldn’t stand in the way of self-expression or adventure. The 60 second video depicts a day in a wet and icy London through a choppy, abrasive lens.

Tilt shift. Within the film, we shot key moments using the tilt shift technique. This meant we could not only celebrate the product in a contemporary and unexpected way, but in addition to the final film, we could also use these moments as individual GIFs elsewhere in the media.

Nike News and beyond. The final film and GIFs were first hosted on Nike News, before being shared by culture and fashion publications worldwide.